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Underground Alignment Lasers

Aug 24, 2016
Underground Alignment Lasers

For safe and accurate measurements in the alignment of drill and blast mark-ups in underground mines, GEO-Laser have produced the TL-80 Laser.

The TL-80 emits a laser beam as reference axis. It has a horizontal and a vertical rotation axis system with clamp and fine adjustment knob for quick and exact fine adjustment. The tunnelling laser can be used on its own or in combination with a traversing system. In this case it is advantegeous to adjust the trunnion axis height to the surveying instrument that is to be used (Wild or Leica)

Boasting a 500m range in a <5mW laser, the optics show a super-clear 13mm diameter image for quick and accurate reference.

It is extremely robust, built to cope with the harsh tunnelling environment.

Lasers allow tunnels to be constructed true where being driven by tunnel boring machine, drill and blast, pipe jack or conventional hand techniques.

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