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DISTO for the Architect

Feb 02, 2018

Since 1999, the architecture office of Rainer Dietz has renovated and modernised many apartment buildings of the fifities with over 230 flats. All apartments, stairwells, cellars and attics, as well as the facades, are newly measured and all measurements and material details are written down on the existing old plan on the spot. Later in the office, the data is entered into a CAD program and the current stock plans are prepared in the office.

Most of the time, the plans we get are not actual. We have to remeasure all flats in a little while. So a time and money saving solution is in great demand and human resources are trse too.

With the Leica DISTO™ classic we found the solution. The range of 200m is by far more then enough for us, the accuarcy and quality is up to what people except from Leica.

Reliable and much quicker measurements taken from only one person. This costs were reduced by half.

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