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Dimetix now compatible with Leica Geomos Software

Jun 01, 2022
Dimetix now compatible with Leica Geomos Software

The DIMETIX laser distance sensors are now compatible with the LEICA GeoMoS monitoring software.

The latest GeoMoS software (V8.1 or later) supports now the DIMETIX protocol. From now on, the DIMETIX sensors can be connected directly to this LEICA monitoring solution.

 This has been requested by customers several times and we are happy to announce that our sensors are  fully supported by this software.

The GeoMoS monitoring solution has been under continuous development for more than 20 years. It allows monitoring, calculation and logging of various surveying devices, environmental sensors, camera systems as well as other measurement devices. It can also be used to send alarms and messages.

For more details please contact us at or 08 9335 1718


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