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How to Measure Road or Land Distances with Measuring Wheels

Jun 21, 2022
How to Measure Road or Land Distances with Measuring Wheels

Measuring wheels are used to measure distances on roads and lands. They are also known as odometers. 

Measuring wheels are used to determine land / road distance or the distance traveled by vehicles. Measuring Wheels are used by surveyors, landscapers, or construction workers for road maintenance, and site measurements. They can also be used to measure golf courses, sporting fields, or schools. 

The measuring wheel is also known as a surveyor's wheel, clickwheel, odometer, waywiser, trundle wheel, or perambulator.

The History Of the Measuring Wheel 

The measuring wheel has been around since the 1600s. The earliest surveyor's wheels worked a lot like the odometers we use today, which isn't surprising since the two instruments share the same origin that dates back to Ancient Greece.

How to use measuring wheels

How to use a Measuring Wheel

A measuring wheel is a device that measures distance by counting revolutions. There are two main types of measuring wheels: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical measuring wheels have an analogue display, and battery powered ones, have a digital display.

At a minimum, they consist of a wheel attached to a long handle with a grip. As the wheel turns, it marks off the amount of times it rotates, quickly calculating distance. The flatter and smoother the surface that the measuring wheel is moved over, the more accurately it is able to determine distance.

When using your Measuring Wheel, make sure the wheel surface is clean. Any dirt or loose impediments can affect the measurement. ... Place the tool exactly where the measurement starts. ... As you walk, keep a steady pace. ...When you reach your ending point, pick the device up. ...and record your measurement.

Rotosure high quality measuring wheels

Choosing your Measuring Wheel

Measuring wheels come in different sizes and shapes. You should choose one based on how much space you need to cover. If you plan to use the wheel to measure road or land distances, then you will need a large wheel. Smaller wheels are better suited for measuring objects such as pipes or indoor surfaces. 

When choosing the right wheel for you, make sure the unit has high accuracy, is easy to fold down, has an easy to read display, a trigger brake is a helpful feature, as it allows you to lock your measurement, if you need to retract the wheel for a moment. For example, if you are working in the bush, and need to roll the wheel out of a bush - the brake will stop the counter from losing measurements. It is also good to check a wheels maximum range.  You don’t want to purchase a wheel which can only go as far as 200m, when you will require a longer range.  A good max would be 10,000 m.

Best Selling Laserman Measuring Wheels:

  1. Rotosure 1000 Classique Measuring Wheel
  2. geo-FENNEL M10 Precision Measuring Wheel (plastic or metal)
  3. iMEX R1000 
  4. geo-FENNEL M20 Easy Wheel
  5. Senshin D3 Measuring Wheel
  6. iMEX R1000 Digital Measuring Wheel with LCD Display 

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