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Introducing Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter® Test Tools

Sep 28, 2021
Introducing Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter® Test Tools


We are pleased to introduce to you the Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter® Test Tools. This CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600V rated test tools combine rugged portability with the high performance of bench oscilloscopes to help your customers take on the challenges of installing, commissioning, and maintaining industrial machinery, automation and process controls, and power conversion electronics with ease—from DC to up to 500 MHz.

Key Features

Fluke-190 Series III ScopeMeter

  • Large, bright colour display to view and analyse data on screen in nearly any environment
  • Up to four independent floating isolated inputs, up to 1000 V
  • Up to 5 GS/s real time sampling (depending on model and channels used)
  • Automatically capture, view and analyze complex waveforms


Measure from mV to kV safely

Measure from mV to kV safely

ScopeMeter 190 Series III test tools are engineered to cover a wide application range from mV to kV.



IP-51 rated for harsh environments

ScopeMeter Test Tools are built for dirty, hazardous environments.

USB and Wi-Fi connectivity

Easily transfer saved files via USB stick, direct connection via the USB interface or optional Wi-Fi connectivity.

Connect-and-View triggering

Connect-and-View triggering

Connect-and-View triggering provides an instant, stable display without the need for adjusting set- tings.



Built-in digital multimeter

Built-in digital multimeter

Conveniently switch from waveform analysis to precise multimeter measurements using the built in 5000 count digital multimeter on two channel 190 Series III models.



TrendPlot paperless recorder— records up to 11 days to help you find intermittent faults

TrendPlot paperless recorder— records up to 11 days to help you find intermittent faults

Plot any combination of up to four readings including voltages, amps, temperature, frequency and phase for all inputs, all with time and date stamp to pinpoint faults.


ScopeRecord™ mode for high resolution waveform recording

ScopeRecord™ mode for high resolution waveform recording

ScopeRecord memory stores up to 30,000 or more data points per channel, capturing fast intermittent events and glitches as short as 8 ns.



Features and Benefits

Feature Benifit
4 independently floating isolated inputs up to 1000 V Inspect multiple signals amplitude over time such as voltages or current or wave shape relationships independent of their reference voltage level up to 1000 V
Up to 5 GS/s high-speed sampling Capture waveform details with resolution as much as 200ps (picosecond ) capturing and accurately reproducing phenomena like fast transients and induced noise
10,000 points per trace waveform capture (scope mode Enough memory depth to capture and analyze the details.
1000 V CAT III / 600 V CAT IV Safe in CAT III or CAT IV environments. The only scope that can safely measure from the CAT IV rated 3-phase input all the way through to CAT I rated millivolt control signals
999 count DMM (2-ch models: insulated 5000 counts DMM built-in) Increased versatility: Perform measurements with a MultiMeter and simply switch over to scope mode for waveform analysis
Connect-and-View™ triggering Gives intelligent, automatic triggering on fast, slow and even complex signals, allowing the scope to be used virtually hands free
ScopeRecord™ Roll mode Record high resolution waveforms over extended periods of time looking for wave shape abnormalities.
TrendPlot™ paperless recorder mode with deep memory Log automatic signal measurements over days, easily analyze signal drift, fluctuations and other anomalies.
Automatic capture and REPLAY of 100 screens A built-in recorder to rewind and go back in time to display intermittent random events before it is lost forever
Frequency spectrum analysis using FFT-analysis Easily analyze a signal in the frequency domain looking at a signal's amplitude versus frequency spectrum

End of Life Announcement

With the introduction of the NEW Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter® Test Tools the following products will be discontinuing the Fluke 190 Series II.

The Following Fluke 190 Series II products are discontinued

  1. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-062/AU : Item No. 4025209
  2. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-062/AU/S : Item No. 4025275
  3. Fluke 190 II series FLUKE-190-102/AU : Item No. 4025352
  4. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-102/AU/S : Item No. 4025436
  5. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-104/AU : Item No. 3894600
  6. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-104/AU/S : Item No. 3894674
  7. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-202/AU : Item No. 4025505
  8. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-202/AU/S : Item No.4025593
  9. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-204/AU : Item No. 3894466
  10. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-204/AU/S : Item No. 3894533
  11. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-502/AU : Item No. 4025661
  12. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-502/AU/S : Item No. 4025737
  13. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-504/AU : Item No. 4419894
  14. Fluke 190 II seriesFLUKE-190-504/AU/S : Item No. 4419965

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