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New Z-Laser High Intensity Line optics

Jun 28, 2018
New Z-Laser High Intensity Line optics


Z-LASER have researched for a long time and tried many optic variations – now they can proudly present the new "lhi90a" optics.

Z-LASER ZM18 Line Laser module

"lhi90a"stands for "Line High Intensity" with 90 ° fan angle and asymmetric line distribution.

This is the right laser for you if you need a long and almost homogeneous line – even with quite low installation heights.

Z-LASER will initially start with four models: two red and two green lasers, focusable or with fixed focus. The output power is optimized so that the devices will be in laser class 2M.

Check out the new red diode version here, and the green diode version here.

Z-LASER high intensity line optics line laser side


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