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Product innovation: ZRX Green is now available

Nov 07, 2019
Product innovation: ZRX Green is now available

The ZRX series, which has proven its worth for many years, has now been enriched with a new product: the ZRX Green.

For an optimally visible positioning cross, the cross projection of the ZRX Green is performed by two line laser diodes, rotated through 90 degrees, which project a consistant, large cross even over larger distances. In contrast to the use of cross optics (DOEs), no stray light is visible next to the actual projection.

“The ZRX Green is particularly suitable for use in the textile industry, for example with textile guide tables, or in mechanical engineering, for example on CNC machines,” explains Stefan Frei, Sales Manager at Z-LASER.

The ZRX Green is now available. The prices are as follows:

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