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Z-LASER Laser Projector LP-HFD helps Markilux to produce perfect sun protection systems

Jul 29, 2021
Z-LASER Laser Projector LP-HFD helps Markilux to produce perfect sun protection systems

Since 1972, the Markilux company has been manufacturing and selling sun protection systems, awnings and textile products for the terrace at its Emsdetten site in North Rhine-Westphalia ( With a high standard of design and technology, the products are manufactured entirely in-house. Entirely made to measure and according to customer requirements.

With up to 500 employees, Markilux manufactures approx. 50,000 awnings per year and distributes these through a comprehensive network of specialist trade partners in Germany and Austria.

The awnings are produced with the aid of a Z-LASER LP-HFD laser projector. This is integrated into the Markilux production network and projects two-dimensional patterns directly onto the textile. These patterns can now be easily and precisely moved and positioned on the textile using the handy remote control. This allows optimum material utilisation and minimises waste.

The actual cutting is done via laser cutting technology, exactly on the cutting patterns previously projected by the Z-LASER LP-HFD. For this purpose, the newly generated cutting data is transferred to the laser cutting technology via remote control after repositioning.

“The use of the Z-LASER laser projector allows us to make the best possible use of the textile raw material. Not only can we work quickly and easily to optimise cutting, we can also react flexibly to any fabric faults in the material and thus guarantee the consistently high quality of our products,” says Michael Gerling, Managing Director for Technology and Production at Markilux.

Using the LP-HFD laser projector offers Markilux the following advantages:

  • optimal pattern positioning
  • Minimization of the amount of waste
  • pattern-symmetrical cut with identical repeat
  • simple exclusion of tissue defects
  • Time saving and cost reduction in the production process

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