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Z-Laser: Our Smallest Laser Projector Almost Builds Itself

Jul 29, 2021
Z-Laser: Our Smallest Laser Projector Almost Builds Itself

ZLP1 as a worker assistance system

Z-LASER’s ZLP1 is the perfect example of how our laser projectors can support your production. Even in our own production, the ZLP1 helps our employees build laser projectors error-free and efficiently. Due to its compact design, the ZLP1 is ideally suited for manual assembly workstations. In combination with the projection software ZLP-Manager, text elements and numbers can be displayed in addition to the projection of contours on specific positions. In this way, our employees receive work instructions projected directly onto the component. With little effort, additional components such as switches, foot switches, barcode scanners and other control elements can be integrated. With the rotatable and swiveling ball head mount, the ZLP1 can be perfectly attached to aluminum profiles or even to the ceiling.

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