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Z-Laser Product Innovation: ZAT – Autonomous and Flexible

Nov 29, 2019
Z-Laser Product Innovation: ZAT – Autonomous and Flexible

The ZA product range, which has proven itself for many years, will be replaced by the new ZAT battery laser in the near future.

The battery-powered ZAT has been successfully used in the Belt Aligner Set for years and is a high-quality alternative to the previous bestseller ZA: the laser is built into a stable metal housing and the power source (AA battery or rechargeable battery) is located directly under the screw cap. A small button at the end of the housing is used for turning the laser on and off.

Z-laser ZAT

The ZAT is particularly suitable for mobile use in the wood, stone and metal industries. For example, the ZAT can be easily attached to a mitre saw, a rung drilling machine or a tile cutter and can really be used flexibly. The ZAT is available with different optics as line, dot or cross laser. For larger quantities we can also integrate different DOEs (diffractive optics). The laser is ideal for all types of mobile devices and devices that do not allow a fixed power supply of the laser. In addition, the sturdy metal housing makes the ZAT ideal for rough everyday use in the workshop, where it does its job robustly, reliably and precisely.


ZAT examples of use :


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