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GEO-Laser Product Range

GEO-Laser Product Range, German Manufacturing, German Quality, Laser Tools

Ever since its founding in 1965, the GEO Feinmechanik GmbH has been a leader in Germany in the development, manufacture, and marketing of laser measuring devices for a wide range of applications.

The perfection of our products in terms of handling, functionality, and quality is widely recognized and is the result of many years of research and development.

To this day, all our products are designed, manufactured, and maintained in Germany.

Our product portfolio comprises devices well established in the construction industry, such as pipe lasers, rotary lasers, and inclination lasers. It also includes devices for more specialized tasks, such as plumbing lasers for tower and shaft construction, drifting lasers, and specialized equipment for tunneling and pipe jacking (micro-tunneling). We also offer precision lasers for a variety of measuring and surveying tasks, especially in industrial applications. Highly accurate precision receivers, providing a resolution of up to 1/100mm, are part of our product range as well, as are specialized tracking receivers, capable of fixing and controlling the axes of laser planes via radio transmission.

Since December 2015, we have been carrying in our company name the product we are best known for. That is why today we are GEO-Laser GmbH.