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Laser - Positioning & Alignment Lasers, Machine Laser, Industrial Laser, CNC

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Z-LASER is a German manufacturer of laser sources for innovative customer applications. Over the past 30 years they have successfully established themselves in the following areas:

  • Lasers as positioning aids (for industry and crafts)
  • Lasers for machine vision
  • Laser projectors as positioning aids (in industry and crafts)
  • Custom Lasers (OEM Laser Solutions)

Since its founding in 1985, their in-house laser technology has been continually developed and updated. As a result, the company quickly became the market leader in many of the classic industries that use positioning lasers as an alignment aid. These industries include:

  • The wood industry
  • The stone industry
  • The metal industry
  • The textile industry
  • The automotive industry
  • The tire industry