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3D Machine Control: Precision and Efficiency in 3-D

With the MOBA 3D machine control system, motor graders achieve highly precise results. This machine control system is easy to operate and use. The work process is accelerated, making surveying work and manual control measurements are no longer necessary.


  • 7-inch touch screen display enables driver to see actual position and derivation to the digital model. 
  • Total station provides precise levelling even without satellite reception. 
  • Simple profiles can also be created with the total system. 
  • GNSS sensor provides precise levelling even without visual contact and in all weather conditions. 
  • Machine is flexibly moved in difficult terrain. 


Perfect planum in earthworks for perfect conditions in upper layers.


  • High precision
  • Accelerates the work process
  • Increases the quality of the work
  • Eliminates the need to mark with string or stakes
  • Saves on personnel, time and material
  • Efficient machine use


  • Works with both the total station and with GNSS
  • Two processors (panel and controller) for maximum performance
  • Intuitive operation
  • Data transfer via USB
  • Robust design
  • Add-on system that can also be retrofitted


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