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MOBA Remote Support: Service Without Limits 

Secure, Cloud-Based Remote Support Solutions of MOBA 

From time to time, machines stop working. Especially in a fast-paced time like today, it is even more important than ever to be able to react immediately. Downtimes of the machine are harmful to both operators and manufacturers. An inaccurate remote diagnosis via telephone and the arrival of a service technician cost time, money and the satisfaction of the customer. The remote Support solutions of MOBA offer the perfect solution.

New Business Models - Reduce Your Time To Market 

The infrastructure developed by MOBA allows you to create new business models that offer your customers a decisive added value. As such, you will be able to take your customer service to the next level - with a remote support solution.

You can easily handle important services without being on-site, such as monitoring and maintaining your machine on the long run, live supporting in a service case, or regular firmware and software updates. With this proactive support, you can prevent machine downtimes.

Manage your service team particularly effectively! Service technicians can access systems from anywhere via their smartphone, tablet or notebook and react in real-time. In this way, you guarantee the fastest possible service at any time and reduce your logistical and administrative service effort to a minimum.


MOBA Cloud Solution - Access To Your Machine Anytime

Having access to your machines via the MOBA Cloud facilitates a central data management - worldwide and at any time. Our network of high-performance servers guarantees absolute reliability. As such, you have web-based and 24/7 access to the configuration and protocols of your machine. Safety is our number one priority; our server sites are located in Germany and the transmission always is encrypted.


Secure, Cloud-Based Remote Support Solutions

System Benefits

  • Direct access to the machine - from anywhere and at any time
  • Proactive support of the machine even before errors occur
  • Short reaction times in a service case
  • Increased machine value through time-and cost-efficient updates and upgrades
  • Minimized administrative effort in a service case

System features

  • CAN, CANopen based
  • Modules: WiFi (Only), GPRS, GPS, LTE, Bluetooth available
  • Internal 256 MB memory for maximum security
  • WinCE-based solution available
  • WEB-based configuration interface
  • Versatile interfaces: CAN, CANopen, USB, Ethernet


Decide between the WLAN-based network with the MOBA CLOUD Gateway WiFi, the SIM solution MOBA CLOUD Gateway Mobile or the top model MOBA Operand On-board Computer with a display and an extraordinary bandwidth of further functionalities including a CANopen architecture.


  • SIM FREE solution (control via mobile phone)
  • Transparent access to 2 x CAN BUS
  • Internal memory of 256 MB
  • Protected WiFi communication (WPA2-PSK)
  • WEB-based configuration interface


  • CAN gateway
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Modules: GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth
  • Internal data protection module
  • Monochrome display


  • Full On-board computer
  • Operating system WinCE
  • Touch screen
  • GPS position data acquisition
  • Modules: USB, WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth
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