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Laser-Matic: Smoothness with Laser Land Levelling Technologies 

Grading plays a significant role in agriculture. On an even cropland, plants can equally be planted, watered and fertilized. Those efficient work processes not only save considerable time but also precious resources. 

In other sectors, precise leveling is even important. In road construction, unevenness is a hinderance to uniform and efficient asphalting, and a safe driving experience. The Laser-Matic is the solution. 


  • The Laser Receiver LS-3000, which is located on the variable Electronic Mast ETM-900, receives height references of a stationary laser transmitter, which allows for accurate topographic measurement and hydraulic control to be carried out. 
  • The height of the kilver, scraper or grader thereby automatically adapts to the received information in real time!
  • Wide range allows for rough terrain without the two lasers losing contact ensuring time is saved. 
  • All electronic systems from MOBA are equipped with specially developed potting technology which protects them from wind, water, dust and vibrations. 
  • Different pre-programmable hydraulic configurations are able to be done by the Laser-Matic that allow for time-efficiency between machines. 



High usability and operational reliability with MOBA grade & slope control solution.


  • Easy to operate
  • Laser-assisted control system for precise grade & slope results
  • Flexible sensor combination for different applications
  • Up to 10 hydraulic configuration can be saved
  • Can be adapted to any machine (hydraulics)


  • Easy to use
  • Resettable timer which allows to measure leveling time
  • RF remote control unit lets you operate the transmitter while driving the tractor
  • Usable for zero slope, single slope and Dual slope
  • Rugged mounting solution via ram mount
  • Water proof technology

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