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Load Control: Get Precise Load results On Your Rear Loader Truck 

The waste disposal vehicles are equipped with load cells which include corresponding scale electronics.


  • With a static (non self acting) lifter scale, the load cells are integrated in the front loader fork. Ensures the bin is weighted during tipping by briefly stopping front loader fork. 
  • Measurements with lifter are precise. Load cells are installed on vehicles chassis. 
  • Weighing is independent of the lifter. 
  • Scale can be upgraded with ease in to the modern order processing system with bin identification and on-board computer for route planning, bin identification and navigation. 


Many references and tests by PTB plead for our efficient weighing systems.


  • Less cost-intensive weighing times
  • Legally binding billing on-site
  • Clear basis for billing
  • Billing according to weight
  • Documentation of loading and unloading operations
  • Printout of recepts directly on-site
  • RReduction in number of single trips to stationary scale
  • Upgradeable with identification and telematics system
  • Development, production, installation and service from a single source


  • Calibrated scales
  • Fully automatic weighing
  • Exact weight recording
  • Maintenance-free
  • 3Simple operation


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