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MCA-500: Compaction Control Made Easy  

Simple System For Better Compaction 

With the MCA-500, it is possible to control compaction performance. This system monitors compaction during the job, thus improving the compaction result. Over and under-compaction are avoided, factors that often lead to premature wear, or potholes. The system is cost-effective, economically, and easy to operate with a self-explanatory symbol language.


  • Can be used in both earthworks and road construction. 
  • System displays frequency and amplitude, as well as jump function and completion of compaction. 
  • Systems also uses infrared sensors to detect the asphalt temperature, enabling compaction in the optimum temperature range. 


Optimized layer compaction for better results.


  • Clearly structured visualization of the compaction progress in real time
  • Increases the productivity
  • Improved compaction quality
  • More efficient roller use
  • Saves on personnel, time and material
  • Suitable for use in earthworks and for asphalt paving
  • Inexpensive, flexible and robust system
  • Can be installed on all types of rollers


  • Determination of ICV (Intelligent Compaction Value)
  • Display of temperature
  • Display of frequency
  • Visualization amplitude
  • Spring (jump function)
  • Infrared sensor for measuring the asphalt temperature
  • Allows compaction in optimum temperature range


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