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MDS-2000: Drilling System for a Continuous Workflow During Blast Hole Drillings

The MDS-2000 is a drilling system that can perform to its fullest in blast hole drilling, imparticularly. Drill bore holes can then be drilled precisely according to the drilling plan.

The drilling system enables the drilling of parallel bore holes, preventing rockfall during blasting, producing a smooth breakoff edge. Safety in the quarry is thereby, increased. In addition to the drilling data, the drilling system also records the engine data of the drilling device.

The digital drill system MDS-2000 saves all data and sends it to the office via an Internet connection. Evaluation, optimization of further drill planning and timely billing, are then possible. 

Optimized blast results with precise drillholes.


  • Flexibly programmable
  • Recording of drilling depth and angle
  • Reference laser for depth measurement
  • Engine data management
  • Six operator profiles
  • Audiovisual warning function
  • Storage and output of drilling problems
  • Cross-hair correction display
  • Adjustable specification of angle tolerance
  • Grinding interval alerter
  • Display of the current and average infeed


  • Precise boreholes
  • Adherence to specifications
  • No reworking
  • Efficient machine use
  • Increase safety, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Less need for stakes, construction surveying, and personnel near the machine during drilling operations
  • One solution for all your drilling and piling needs
  • Higher safety during blast hole drilling


The MDS-2000 Advanced drilling system, functions with an additional telemetry module. This enables remote access to the machine, resulting in faster service. The drilling data can also be accessed via the Web.

Better fleet management with telematics.


  • Data import from Quarry X and Excel
  • Direct data download to PC or mobile device
  • Machine location on digital map
  • Telesupport
  • Statistics for service and maintenance intervals
  • Remote control of a digital output


  • Precise boreholes
  • Adherence to specifications
  • No reworking
  • Efficient machine use
  • Flexibly programmable
  • Suitable for a wide range of drill applications
  • Higher Safety during blast hole drilling
  • Remote updates and tracing from office

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