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Telematics and Software: Additional Features for Maximum Efficiency 

With the MOBA telematics solution, many other functions can be recognized that lead to an optimization of the emptying runs: better timing and geographic combinations of orders, as well as cost savings. Direct communication between driver and control center is now possible, as is navigation and recording of the driven route. A replacement driver also knows at all times which street he must turn down next. Using the recorded data, including GPS position, the route can be optimally planned in order to avoid circuitous routes. This operating data can be recorded as well. It provides valuable information about the condition and use of the vehicles.

Improved service thanks to prompt provision of information on inquiries and complaints by citizens.


  • Route optimization
  • Route recording for other drivers
  • Minimization of empty runs
  • Reduced reaction times
  • Better order combination
  • Simplified order processing


  • Order display and processing
  • GPS position recording
  • Truck navigation
  • Replacement driver guidance
  • Route planning
  • Vehicle data recording
  • Radio data
  • Telephony
  • Camera integration
  • Apps


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