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XSITE PRO® Advanced Excavator Control System: Discover the Third Dimension 

The Xsite® PRO ADVANCED excavator control system has extensive 3-D functionalities. 3-D terrain models can be imported via common file formats, used without time-consuming conversion. Using the representation on the high resolution display, the excavator driver can perform complex projects with ease.

With two GNSS sensors, both the position and the alignment of the machine, are known at all times so that precise working is possible. The possibility to save points allows to document the working process. The work log is sent to the office via an Internet connection or USB stick. Remote support is available in the event of questions.

This excavator control system is advantageous if complex projects are performed for example during highway construction.


  • High-resolution 8.4 inch touchscreen-display
  • Two GNSS antennas for positioning and machine alignment
  • DTM and roadlines
  • 3D visualization
  • 3D data import and use without conversion
  • Wireless data transfer via server
  • Documentation of the work results
  • Remote support


  • Precise results exactly according to plan
  • Considerably reduces surveying work
  • Surveyor can work independently
  • Improves quality of work under conditions with restricted visibility
  • Enables work under water
  • Efficient machine use
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increased safety at the construction site

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