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Introducing Our Laserman Partners


Laser Levels, Multi Line Lasers, Laser Tools & Surveying Equipment:

The Worlds Most Comprehensive Range Of Laser Levels and Laser Tools for all Trades, Budgets and Applications. 

You can trace geo-Fennel's origins back to 1851 as a supplier of surveying and measuring equipment. geo-Fennel supply great value, professional products for all trades.


Construction Tough, Waterproof Laser Products:

GEO-Laser have been a high-end manufacturer of construction lasers and alignment systems for civil applications. 

GEO-Laser offer the largest range of Waterproof, Heavy Duty Construction TOUGH Laser Products in the World. 


Line and Optic Laser Projectors

We supply Z-Laser Line Lasers and Laser Projectors with Special Optics.

Z-Laser was founded in 1985 in Freiburg, Germany. Z-Laser projectors are used as positioning aids for many different applications in many different types of industries. The laser lines, points or crosses function as markings with which you can exactly align and position elements prior to processing.


2D and 3D Laser Projectors:

We supply SL-Laser 2D and 3D laser projectors and LaserPilot software. 

SL-Laser was founded in 1988 and has run up a succession of world firsts since then, and is now the first choice for many end-users and OEM installations across a multitude of industries.


Bandsaw, Lathe, Wood Turning, CNC Machine Products:

Whether you need solutions for industrial or hobbyist applications, classic or modern machinery, all of us at Carter Products look forward to serving you with innovative products to improve the productivity of your equipment.



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