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Z-Laser Z-PIL Small Pilot Laser for alignment and positioning

This pilot laser is used in the fields of medicine and science as well as in vehicle construction.

The small pilot laser is particularly suitable for use in surgical instruments, because strong focus and the circularity of the  laser are part of the territory with long beam deflection systems.

This small pilot laser projects a circular point with an axiality <± 0.5 mrad. The point projection can be adjusted to a diameter <Ø 1mm, up to max. 3,000 mm.

The wavelength is 635 nm, and red for best visibility. The wavelength tolerance is ± 10nm.

Dimensions 80 × 16 mm

16 mm

Output power

1 mW, 10 mW, 3 mW, 5 mW


635 nm, 638 nm, 640 nm




manual focus


Diode laser

Supply voltage

3 VDC – 6 VDC

IP protection class

IP 40

 Z-PIL Software (.PDF)
 Z-PIL STEP data file (.ZIP)
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