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FLS Filling Level Sensor: Container Level Detection in Real Time for Optimised Route Planning 

The FLS wireless level sensor is designed to record and monitor the filling level of waste containers. The sensor is installed on the lid of a container – no matter whether it is an underground, semi-underground or a standard container. The FLS uses ultrasound to record the filling height in the container. 


  • Sensor is uses ultrasound technology to record the filling height in container. 
  • Data from ultrasound is transferred continuously using MAWIS U2 software package, allowing you to know which containers are full and need to be emptied at any given time. 
  • FLS eliminates the issue of fixed emptying schedules therefore saving the user time and money. 
  • The user is able to check the current status of any container at all times using MAWIS U2 software which can be installed via mobile phone app. 


Reducing CO2 emissions through improved route planning.


  • Savings in waste disposal costs
  • Full exploitation of capacities
  • Optimisation of emptying runs
  • Reduction in the number of containers
  • Transparent up-to-date information
  • Selection of full containers for run planning
  • Can be combined with a weighing scale to record weight of deposits


  • Records filling level using ultrasound
  • Real-time data transmission
  • Fire alarm inside container
  • Data administration and storage for run planning and optimisation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Simple installation and operation


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