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XSITE® Easy Excavator Control System: Perfect Entry Level System 

The Xsite® EASY 2D system measures depth, range and incline of the bucket, as well as depicts the bucket position graphically and numerically on the display. Using this information, the machine operator always knows the exact position. This allows you to work exactly according to plan, precisely implementing the specifications.

An additional LED display shows at first glance whether the target height has already been reached, or if needs to be raised. The work processes are accelerated, manual control measurements are no longer necessary and safety at the construction site is increased as no personnel need to be present, in the working area. Even during work under water, the excavator operator always maintains an overview with the Xsite® EASY. The system is ideally suited for use in foundation, trench or slope construction, levelling or underwater excavation.


  • Graphical and numerical display of bucket position
  • Works with lasers (for height detection)
  • Shows all data and the bucket position on the display
  • Additional LED display
  • Optionally measures the incline of the bucket with an additional sensor
  • Height alarm provides protection (i.e. working underneath power cables)
  • Retrofittable
  • Ease of operation


  • Precise results exactly according to plan
  • Improves quality of work under conditions with restricted visibility
  • Enables work under water
  • Efficient machine use
  • Saves time and material (no corrective work)
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increased safety at the construction site

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